Monday, November 17, 2008


My bud Lisa and I freezing our booties off.
It was cold this last Sat in many ways. The temperatures were down and very blustery for the out door Christmas festival in Clinton. Most people must have stayed at home, as there did not seem to be that many people out and of course they were not letting go of the cash. It was almost a no sale day but I did sale two of my small art cards. We actually spent more than we made which is not the way it is supposed to work.
Every one is worried about the economy including me. As an artist, it really hits home when the economy is down and art is the last thing someone may spend any money on. Moreover, there are a lot more artist out there trying to get some of their work sold than it seems as in the past or it seams that way to me. With the internet a lot more are visible I guess and there are a lot more people like me who would like to make a little money oh what the heck a lot of money to be able to continue the drive to create something. Let us hope things get better as I have not had the guts to look at my IRA lately at least gas is a little cheaper for the time being so that is some consolation.

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