Monday, November 9, 2009

White Vase 16x20

Big one again for me done in two classes. I do find it hard to get back in the grove the second sitting. Classes are Monday and Wed. afternoon and with the day in between I'm slow to start again. Also this is a classroom with other drawing classes going on and some times the set up changes or the subject wilts or dies. I kinda surprised my self on this on with the white mums. The one on the right came out perfect I thought but the one on the left gave me fits. At first I thought adding the blue to the vase would be hard with the knife but I think I did OK.

This Monday we are attempting a painting of a fish this will definitely be a first for me. Yeeeee


Clara Bradford said...

Hey Eugenia!
i like your blog, glad i found it :)
your mums did turn out nicely.

maybe i'll see you on facebook sometime?

here's my flickr photo page:

Anonymous said...
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Eugenia Wadsworth Martin said...

Hi Clara thanks for droping by. I really enjoy your art work and hope to watch as you progress.