Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Three Fish 18x24(knife)

This is a large one and I was afraid I would not finish. It was hard to start a painting on a Monday and then come back on a Wed to finish it. I did learn on this one what I need to do on the next one. And that is to get as much of the fragile subject down(the fish) and at least the surrounding support just blocked in with shadows. As you can see the plate is off. The second day the set up changed even different fish and I had to rely on memory of how it looked. This was the first time to paint dead fish. They were pretty and I'm sorry they had to give their life for art instead of a date with the frying pan. The lemons in the foreground were all dried up the second day and I did not do so good a job on them and I did like the turnips. Need to do some more of them and the beets.Used a palette knife on most of this.

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