Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still here One of my Daylilys

I have been so busy the past month I have not worked on any art. I had a momma cat go missing leaving me with 3 unweaned kittens outside. Took me about a week to get them close enough to catch the little beggars. Once caught we brought them in the house and I had to try and get them tame to at least have a chance in finding them a home. After 4 days there was a break out and two pushed a window pane out and escaped and it started all over again.

But we have a happy ending my Vet took all three and I know they will have a good home with her. Yea

My lily's have been blooming their heart out and I had to clean out the beds. This is one that has a pretty flower every time. Right now I look like I have measles as the dreaded mosquito has eaten me up. Will have to try my had at painting one of my lily's soon.

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